Housing Stability

Preventing. Empowering. Transforming.

The Housing Stability Program’s primary purpose is to ensure that individuals and families who are at risk of homelessness retain their current housing status or are able to obtain a new permanent residence if homelessness occurs.

About This Program

The Front Door Agency offers financial assistance with rent, utilities, and heating fuel to stop an eviction/utility shut off from happening while clients are working their way back to self-sufficiency. We also issue security deposit assistance which removes a significant barrier for those trying to secure a new permanent residence.

In addition, we offer a Rapid Re-Housing Program for a limited number of families on the verge of homelessness or already homeless. This program is designed to quickly stabilize a family by assisting with finding affordable housing and then providing financial assistance and intensive case management for six months.

The Front Door’s approach is holistic, as we know that supportive services are necessary if long-terms solutions are to occur. Our Housing Advocate examines each case individually. Occasionally, a one-time financial solution is all that is needed. Other times, it may be a family facing a chronic situation. We attempt to isolate the cause of the late rent and/or utility payment, offer one-on-one case management and budgeting, and issue referrals to other services within our own organization as well as within the community if necessary. The Front Door Agency has an excellent working relationship with the non-profit service provider network in this area, and collaboration is an integral part of our approach to bringing our clients to self-sufficiency.

In addition to Nashua residents, we are able to assist those living in the following New Hampshire towns:
Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Lyndeborough, Merrimack, Milford, Mt. Vernon, and Wilton.

This program provides assistance with:

  • Back rent to avoid eviction
  • Housing (and housing related) costs
  • Utility and fuel assistance to avoid shut-off
  • Security deposit and first month’s rent
  • Mortgage loan to avoid foreclosure
  • Rapid Re-Housing Services for a limited number of families each year
  • Financial Counseling and budgeting assistance



Application for Rent or Utilities Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance with rent to stop an eviction from happening while you are working your way back toward self-sufficiency or are at risk for utilities being shut-off, please complete the application for assistance.



Application for Security Deposit

If you are seeking security deposit asssistance and have a confirmed move in date in the next 30 days, please complete the application for assistance.