Landlord Verification Form

You are receiving this form because a prospective tenant is applying for a Security Deposit Loan
from the Front Door Agency. Please read the following information carefully BEFORE completing
the form that begins at the bottom of the page. The form should take 5 – 10 minutes to complete.
What is the Housing Security Guarantee Program (HSGP)?

In 1995, the NH State legislature found that “the inability of individual citizens to amass sufficient funds for housing security deposits contributes significantly to the problem of homelessness in the state of New Hampshire”. The HSGP was established in 1995 by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Bureau of Homeless & Housing Services, as an attempt to eliminate homelessness. The Bureau is the administrator of the program, and it contracts with various non-profits and Community Action Programs around the state to run the program for specific geographic locations. The Front Door Agency is the contractor for Southern Hillsborough County.

The HSGP provides a guarantee of rental security deposits to eligible persons. This is a no interest loan program that guarantees the Landlord that, in the event of a default, they will be reimbursed the amount of the security deposit by the Front Door Agency until the loan is paid off. When the loan is paid in full, the funds will be transferred to the Landlord to hold as the tenant’s security deposit.

How does my prospective tenant apply for the program?

– Applicant locates an apartment with a Landlord who accepts the Security Deposit Loan program.

– Applicant completes an Application for a Security Deposit Loan.

– Landlord completes the Landlord Form below.

– Applicant submits all required documentation via electronic means or by dropping off at the mian office.

– FDA Housing Advocate will review packet to ensure completeness and will call applicant to schedule an appointment.

– Front Door Agency determines provisional approval or denial of the loan.

– If provisionally approved, the Agency will issued a voucher guaranteeing the security deposit.

– The landlord and tenant must complete our Inspection Checklist for the apartment BEFORE the move-in date. The apartment must be safe, sanitary, and meet all State and Local Housing Codes.

– All required documentation will be emailed to the landlord including the following:

Completed Inspection Checklist

Copy of the voucher signed by tenant and landlord

Landlord Agreement and Verification forms (pages 3 and 4, due before the appointment)

Copy of the lease signed by landlord and tenant.

Copy of the loan agreement between the client and FDA

As the administrating agency we provide a Letter of Guarantee for the security deposit after a tenant has signed a security deposit loan agreement. We then collect the guaranteed amount from the tenant in monthly installments, designed to help the tenant work the security deposit expense into their household budget.

Please note:  The loan will ONLY be finalized after the Front Door Agency has received all the above documentation.  The applicant cannot move into the apartment until complete. The process can take up to 5 working days from the initial appointment to finalize.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you receive the actual cash for the security deposit? You are paid the guaranteed amount in one of two ways:

1. When the guaranteed amount has been paid in full by the tenant to this agency, that amount will be transferred to the landlord as the tenant’s security deposit.

2. When the tenant defaults on the rental agreement and the landlord makes a claim for rent due and /or repairs for damages above and beyond normal wear and tear, then, as the administrating agency, we will verify the claim and pay up to the guaranteed amount to the landlord.

How are claims made?  Call to alert us that the tenant has moved and if you need to file a claim, and we will send you a Claim Form to complete and return. Verification is required and a move-out inspection will be made if claims are for damages. To make a claim for rent-due, include copies of rent receipts and /or ledger pages showing that rent was not paid as agreed upon, or copies of the legal Eviction along with the claim. To make a claim for damages above normal wear and tear, include copies of the bills, invoices and/or receipts for materials purchased.  Photographs of the damages may be requested. Claims must be made within 30 days of vacancy!

What if the tenant fails to make payments? The property owner will be paid any legitimate claim up to the amount guaranteed. Every Guarantee is fully underwritten. The administering agency assumes the responsibility of collecting from the tenant. The Underwriter covers the balance of the Guarantee not paid by the tenant.

What if the building changes owners? The Guarantee is assigned to an approved apartment and stays with that apartment and the tenant signing the Guarantee. Please notify us immediately if your building changes owners, so we may issue a new voucher in the name of the new owner.

What if the tenant wants to move to another apartment within the building or complex? A new Guarantee must be agreed to by the Agency, the tenant, and the property owner. Please contact this agency if you are planning to relocate the tenant.

Is interest owed the tenant on the Guarantee?  Interest does not begin accruing until funds have been sent to the property owner.

If you have any further questions, call The Front Door Agency at (603) 886-2866.