Thank You, Amherst Jr. Women's Club!


Shoes that fit well are so important to growing feet.  Thanks to a recent donation from the Amherst Jr. Women’s Club, the children in our Transitional Housing Program will not only get new shoes this fall, they’ll be fitted for them by the experts at Alec’s Shoe Store in Nashua. We’re excited for the shoe shopping to begin!

Experts say it’s not enough to just cover growing feet —  it’s especially important that shoes or sneakers fit children properly. In Backview_Kids Holding Handsfact, the bones in a child’s feet don’t stop growing till around age 18 — so ill-fitting shoes early in life can lead to misshapen feet and problems later in life.

The Front Door Agency was fortunate to receive a $500 donation from the Amherst Jr. Women’s Club for new shoes for our kids this fall. This dedicated group of women commits their time, energy and talent to enhancing their community — something they’ve been doing consistently since their founding in 1965. You can read the long list of local organizations and agencies they’ve helped through the years here.

For the young kids in our program, there’s no doubt that properly fitted shoes will help them climb higher and run faster on the playground. But it will also help them fit in better with their peers — and it’s hard to put a price tag on that!