Front Door Agency Embarks on Major Energy Improvements

Transformational Housing, Front Door Agency

Norwell: A Home In Need

The Front Door Agency takes its mission seriously and we’re working to modernize and renovate the Norwell Home.  This 9,000+ square-foot site is part of our Transformational Housing Program and is home to eight single mothers and their children.  For many of them, the Norwell Home represents their first step towards a better life.

The building’s current heating system is an older and inefficient electric radiant heating system. Because of this, the residents and staff often feel cold, even when the thermostat is set high.  Not only is the current system expensive, it also prevents us from using an efficient air conditioning system.  In the middle of summer, our residents on the second floor end up very uncomfortable.

Reduced Energy Costs Will Result in Big Savings

Mother and ChildrenDid you know that New Hampshire has one of the highest average utility bills in the nation?  In fact, NH was recently ranked 6th(!) most expensive out of all 50 states in the union.  A big factor in this ranking was NH’s high cost of electricity (8th highest).  Between this and the high cost of running an older and not very efficient system, it’s time for a change!  We can make a big difference by converting to natural gas, as well as replacing older electrical equipment.  After we switch, we’ll be able to reduce the utility bills for the Norwell Home by as much as 30-40%!  We’ll be able to use the funds we save on energy to help more families with direct support.

This conversion to natural gas heating and installing central air conditioning is going to cost nearly $200,000!  Still, we feel that it’s an important investment that’s very beneficial to all those we serve.  Although we still have a significant ways to go, we’re happy to know that there’s support for this project.

Warming Our Hearts and Home

We’d like to thank three very generous organizations for their $10,000 contributions towards our conversion project: The McIninch  Foundation, Cogswell Benevolent Trust, and Madelaine G. von Weber Trust.  We are so pleased to have their support and know it will help us find additional funding needed to bring this project to fruition.

The Front Door Agency is committed to helping single mothers in crisis overcome the root causes of poverty and provide a brighter future for their children.  We believe it is vital to provide them with a comfortable home environment as they take steps towards a better life.