Celebrating the Hard Work of Moms

Mother’s Day has been a national holiday for over a hundred years!  Flowers and cards have been associated with the celebration for many of those years.  But by far the most important part is celebrating what moms do! For many of us, our mother is the single person in the world who has done the most for us.

We want to take time today to highlight some of the single mothers in our Transformational Housing Program.   The moms in our Program are committed to improving both their own lives and those of their kids.

Support Helps to Overcome Obstacles

Lisa, a mom in our Transformational Housing program, recently started working as a laboratory technician in a local hospital.  She completed the necessary training classes two years ago.  But she avoided taking the certification test due to her own anxiety and thoughts of failure.  Additionally, Lisa was worried about working longer days, due to the needs of her two children with autism spectrum disorder.

With the support of her case manager, Lisa finally took the test and passed on the first try!  She is much happier with her new career and her kids are too.  With this new full-time position at the hospital, Lisa is able to save more and is one step closer to affording a market-rent apartment when she graduates from our program.

Small Steps to a Big Change

Lisa’s story shows how a mom can drastically improve her own life and those of her kids.  Oftentimes, the big changes come after many smaller steps along the way.

Recently, one of our clients raised her credit score by 100 points!  After learning more about how to manage her finances and the ins and outs of credit, she’s looking forward to making further strides.

Another mom in our Transformational Housing Program successfully negotiated with her boss and got a raise.  She built up her confidence, learned to negotiate and was able to get the compensation she deserved!

Every mother faces challenges, but single mothers in crisis need extra support.  We’re happy to help equip them to overcome these obstacles — thank you for being a part of the journey!