Heartfelt Words of Thanks from Clients

Holiday 2017

Each Christmas holiday, the Front Door Agency provides toys and clothing to nearly 800 children in need– thanks to strong support from the community. Many individuals, businesses, church groups and others step up to “adopt” a child or an entire family so that those who are struggling or in crisis can see their children smile on Christmas morning. It renews our faith in human kindness to see what a generous community there is in Greater Nashua! [We invite you to check out this year’s holiday program stats below.]

Front Door Agency Holiday Thank YouIt’s easy to label the people we serve as  “families in need,”  “the homeless,” or those “at risk of homelessness.”  But when we start to receive heartfelt thank you letters from those who receive holiday assistance — a picture emerges of the people behind that need. They are truly grateful for what you, our “adopters,” have done for their families. And we at the Front Door Agency are grateful, too! Here are a few excerpts from those letters:

Family Displaced by Hurricane Maria

Carla is not a native English speaker, but she took time to write us a heartfelt letter about how her family lost everything when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. “We lost all our home, clothes, belongings, toys, everything…We arrived in this country [in October 2017] with only a backpack and dreams of starting again,” Carla wrote.

“We would like to thank the Front Door Agency and all its sponsors for giving us our first opportunity this Christmas season. My three children will never forget this experience…Seeing their happy faces was very gratifying for me….your [generosity] has motivated us to continue to grow, learn and start over.”

Single Mom Working Two Jobs

I am Grateful COMPRESSEDNoelle wrote to us about the joy on her children’s faces on Christmas morning and said their Christmas was AMAZING because of the generous people who shopped for her family.  She went on to say that she works two jobs and really tries her best to provide for her children — but it’s hard to afford any extras. For her, a  safe car seat for her youngest son is an “extra.”

“You guys are seriously angels,” Noelle wrote. “Thank you for spoiling my children and helping me. You have filled my heart with joy and given me a miracle I will never forget.”

Young Mom With a Grateful Heart

Tammy didn’t share too much about her personal circumstances or why she reached out for holiday assistance, but her handwritten letter reflected on what gratitude looks like. “Thank you for your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back. Thank you for your love, you have made Christmas even more special.”

It’s About More Than Toys

From these few letters — you can begin to see what your generosity is all about. It’s not so much about the Legos, the Barbies, the bikes and the snowsuits (though the kids love them!). More importantly, your gifts offer a sense of hope to those in our community who are having a rough time. When strangers care enough to provide a happy Christmas for their children — many of those we assist start to believe that everything will be okay. We thank you and they thank you!

Front Door Agency Holiday Program 2018 Stats

Number of Children Receiving Toys and Warm Clothes:  766

Number of “Adopters” Who Provided Toys, Clothes and Donations:  400+

Special Thanks to employees, parishioners and members at the following businesses and organizations for going above and beyond to bring holiday joy, in some cases year after year:  Bae Systems, Microdesk, Oracle, Stanley Elevator, Nashua Planning Commission, White Dove Pantry, First Church, Triangle Credit Union, Crowne Plaza, Right Networks, Church of the Good Shepherd, St.Joseph’s Parish, Pilgrim Church, Hitachi Cable, World Academy, Keller William Realty, Hamblett & Kerrigan, Benchmark Electronics, Dancing Corner, Pegasystems, Main Dunstable School, Hollis-Brookline Rotary, Makeit Labs, Granite Bank, Southern NH Health, Parish of the Resurrection, Tech Transport, Whole Foods and more!  *Please let us know if you were a part of this year’s effort and we will gladly add your name to the list!