Intervening When a Family Faces Homelessness

Social Worker and Client RESIZEDSometimes it’s not a single crisis but a combination of circumstances that leads to a family’s risk of homelessness. When Ellen first came to the Front Door Agency she and her son, Peter, were on the verge of eviction from their apartment.  Despite struggling with a physical disability, Ellen was working hard to support both herself and her son, who could not even leave their apartment due to his severe mental illness.  They were making ends meet until an overpayment by Social Security caused her disability checks to be turned off. To make matters worse, Ellen lost her job due to complications from her disability, and now they were in danger of losing their home.

On top of all this, the family had an unsustainable budget, and Peter wasn’t willing to help contribute his disability check towards the rent or basic expenses.  They were struggling both with their spending as well as their financial literacy.  Feeling trapped, Ellen decided to seek help.

Collaborative Effort Brings Stability and Progress

The Front Door Agency’s Housing Advocate worked closely with Ellen through our Housing Stability Program, sometimes on a daily basis, to help her reduce her expenses, work with her landlord, and Social Security.  Ellen started receiving her disability checks again and was also able to secure a new part-time job that’s manageable with her disability.  The Agency put her in contact with a local mental health provider for Peter.  Since working with this provider, Peter has been making progress and has been able to begin leaving the apartment for both therapy and medical appointments.

After all of their progress, the Front Door Agency contributed one month’s rent and arranged for the remaining overdue payments to be paid by other agencies, leaving Ellen and Peter in a position that’s sustainable and ready to work toward more positive changes going forward.

 Our Thanks to Citizens Bank

It is thanks to the generosity of organizations like Citizens Bank that Ellen and Peter receive the resources and assistance they need in order to remain in their homes and avoid homelessness.  Their generous grant to the Agency’s Housing Stability Program helps to make positive outcomes like this one a reality.  Our heartfelt thanks to Citizens Bank for their contribution of $10,000 – as well as for their past support!