Front Door Agency Announces 2020 Holiday Program

"Adopters" Needed to Fulfill Wishlists for Local Children in Need

As many of us get settled into our new back-to-school routines, our staff has been busy planning for our 2020 Holiday Program! It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is only a couple months away and there are families in our community who are in desperate need of assistance during the holiday season, especially those who have been economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year, we pair local families in need with “adopters” from the community who help fulfill their wishlists, which include warm clothing, toys and food. Individuals, local businesses, church groups and sports teams are just a few examples of those who came together last year to make sure that 756 children had something to celebrate on Christmas morning.

Our staff meets 1:1 with every family that requests assistance through our Holiday Program, so you can be sure your donations are going to families that truly need and appreciate your help.

Who do you help when you support the Holiday Program?
Families like Amanda’s. Amanda, a mom of two, had to quit her job to care for her five-year-old son, who was diagnosed with a medical condition that requires special schooling and expensive medication and therapy. The family struggles to make ends meet on one income. “I never had a tree or gifts when I was growing up and I never want my kids to experience that,” said Amanda. “This program helps make Christmas special again for us.”

Can’t adopt this year? Please consider making a donation in support of the Holiday Program instead.