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Natalie’s Story

“My name is Natalie and I’m a single mother in the Front Door Agency’s Transformational Housing Program. A few years ago, I was working full-time, attending nursing school, and living in my sister’s house with my son, Jay. When it was sold, we had 30 days to move. I couldn’t afford a place of my own, and Jay and I ended up couch surfing at friends’ houses.

The lack of stability and stress of not knowing where we would sleep each night took its toll and I started experiencing health issues. My GPA dropped from 3.9 to 2.9 and I was unable to continue in the nursing program. Jay found it difficult to make friends and became withdrawn.

There’s a stigma surrounding people like me who find themselves homeless. People assume you’re battling a drug or alcohol addiction, or just plain lazy. But I did everything I was ‘supposed’ to do, and I still fell behind.

That’s when we found the Front Door Agency and moved into one of their affordable housing units in Nashua. This was the key to turning our lives around! Because I could finally afford rent, I started paying down my debt. During my first year in the Program, I paid off my car loan, credit card debt, and increased my credit score by 100 points. I’m also starting to save.

Dedicated case management and access to therapy helped Jay and I stabilize our lives. Jay started making friends and made honor roll at school, and my case managers encouraged me to continue pursuing my educational goals.

My case managers didn’t do me any favors. They gave me the resources I needed to help me on my path toward independence.

Last year, I graduated from Nashua Community College with a job offer from a leading tech company. I was able to apply credits from nursing school toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Health. In May, I was awarded the Agency’s Dr. Ronald Kraus Memorial Scholarship to help with tuition, books, and fees.

Your support of the Front Door Agency helped my son and I rebuild our lives. Thank you!”

The Front Door Agency has helped local families stabilize, transform, and flourish into independence for more than 35 years.
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What does your support provide?


covers transportation costs for a single mother to get to and from work or school for a month.


provides new bedding, towels, and basic toiletries to a homeless family living in our Norwell Home.

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can help a family in crisis with back rent, therefore avoiding homelessness and separation.


helps cover utilities and keeps our housing facilities comfortable and safe for families.

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provides housing and dedicated case management for a family we serve.

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provides scholarships to single mothers committed to furthering their education.