PLEASE NOTE: we are currently unable to accept any new security deposit loan requests at this time due to funding constraints.
However, we may be able to provide additional resources to you. Please call our office at 603-886-2866. While we can’t guarantee services from other organizations, but may be able to provide guidance and other assistance. Please check back regularly for updates.

Security Deposit Loan Application Instructions

Please note: DO NOT move in before your loan is in place.

1. Carefully review the loan eligibility and denial guidelines before completing this loan application.

2. Scroll down to complete the application form that begins on this page. 

3. Click here to upload ALL required documentation (listed below). This link will bring you to the Front Door Agency’s secure file upload software. 

Required Documentation:

– Social Security cards and Photo ID or birth certificates for each household member

– Proof of ALL household INCOME & EXPENSES to complete the Budget Form

– Proof that you have had income in your household for a minimum of 3 months

– Proof of section 8 or any rental subsidy if applicable

– Landlord Verification Form, completed by the landlord stating their acceptance of the program and willingness to participate, knowing they will not receive cash up front.

4. Send the Landlord Form to your new Landlord. Receive confirmation when they submit it. Copy and paste the following link and send it to your Landlord to complete online:

5. Call us at (603) 886-2866 to schedule your loan interview appointment. Please note that we will not schedule a meeting until the above 3 steps are complete.

Applications will not be reviewed until all 4 steps above are completed!

Security Deposit Loan Application