Seu apoio ajuda as famílias locais a prosperar.

Alyssa’s Story

“A few years ago, I was homeless and pregnant with my second son, Dante, and unable to care for my first son, Sylus, as I battled with addiction and couldn’t provide for him. When Dante was born, I knew I needed to turn my life around and do things differently.

After leaving the hospital, I entered a family-centered treatment program for women with substance use disorders and for the first time was able to maintain my sobriety. Upon completion of the program, I knew I still needed support as I transitioned to the next stage in my life and was thrilled to be accepted into the Front Door Agency’s Transformational Housing Program.

Here, the staff provided me with the structure I needed. They helped me set realistic goals and understand the importance of furthering my education, saving money, and working towards a career I enjoyed that would allow me to support myself and my boys.

I began working full-time as a solar panel installer for a NH based company and enrolled in a 4-year apprenticeship program to become a licensed electrician. My life was finally coming together! The only thing I was missing was my older son, Sylus. I persevered and Sylus came home to live with us in early 2023.

I am proud of myself for managing to work full-time, being a mom to my boys, all while maintaining my sobriety.

Today, I am two years into my employment where I am killing it and more than halfway through my schooling to become a licensed Master Electrician. I receive continued guidance from my case manager. Without their affordable housing, there’s no way I would be able to afford my own apartment while paying for childcare and all my other living expenses. For the first time in my life, I have goals and I am well on my way to reaching them. Once I complete my Master Electrician program and have my license, I hope to become a Project Manager for my current employer.”

Your support of the Front Door Agency has helped me rebuild my life and be the mom I always wanted to be. I hope you keep the Agency and the families they serve in your heart again this year!


Together we helped more than 1,699 individuals in Greater Nashua this year!

Your gift to the Front Door Agency allows us to provide vital services to local individuals and families in crisis. Through our Transformational Housing, Housing Stability, Affordable Housing, and Holiday Programs, we are able to assist members of the Greater Nashua community who were in need or facing homelessness stabilize their lives, providing them with the tools needed to become empowered and reach independence.

Because of your generosity, here are some of the things we were able to do this past year:

  • 83% of families who received homelessness services remained in their own homes for at least 6-months and are working toward self-sufficiency.
  • 33% of individuals in households served through our Housing Stability Program were under the age of 15 years.
  • 100% of the single mothers in our Transformational Housing Program participated in or graduated from an educational or job training program.
  • 499 local children in need received toys, warm clothing, and food through our 2022 Holiday Program.

Can we count on your support to help more individuals and families in 2024? 

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O que seu suporte oferece?


cobre os custos de transporte de uma mãe solteira para ir e voltar do trabalho ou da escola durante um mês.


fornece roupas de cama novas, toalhas e produtos de higiene pessoal básicos para uma família sem-teto que vive em nossa Norwell Home.

casa amarela


ajuda a cobrir os serviços públicos e mantém nossas instalações habitacionais confortáveis e seguras para as famílias.


pode ajudar uma família em crise com o aluguel atrasado, evitando assim a falta de moradia e a separação.

coração amarelo na mão


fornece moradia e gerenciamento de caso dedicado para uma família que atendemos.

chapéu de formatura amarelo


oferece bolsas de estudo para mães solteiras comprometidas com a educação.