Life Skills

Facilitating the Development of Life Skills

At the Front Door, we recognize that helping a family down the path to self-sufficiency and maintaining housing stability often takes more than simply providing a home. Life skills are crucial tools that enable participants to become empowered. Developing these skills as part of a larger goal of self-improvement and understanding, individuals are able to break the cycle of poverty.

Transformational housing participants are offered programming in the following areas:
  • Intensive case management to increase skills and confidence in the areas of; time management, budgeting, health and wellness, mental health, educational goals, employment, pride in home and financial stability.
  • Individual and group therapy opportunities for crisis support, stress management, coping skills and self-awareness skills to enhance individual growth.
  • Workshops and social opportunities
  • Parenting groups and individual parenting supports for those who need help coping and disciplining their children in an effort to provide positive interactions and reinforcements.
  • Financial literacy to help rebuild credit, pay debt and begin the process of saving towards independence.

If you are ready to make an investment in yourself and your family, please click here and complete the intake application or contact our office at 603-886-2866 for more information.