Odie Scholarship Fund

For children in the Front Door Agency’s Transformational Housing program.

About the Rev. Dr. Robert “Odie” Odierna  Scholarship Fund

RonKraus2013-150x150We were pleased to honor the founder of our Agency, the Reverend Dr. Robert “Odie” Odierna on his retirement by establishing the Odie Scholarship Fund. This Fund will provide children served through our programs with opportunities for advanced learning and higher education. When you give to the Fund, you are investing in the future of a disadvantaged child in our community.

For the past 30 years, Pastor Odie has been deeply committed and involved with our mission. His dedication to serving needy families has never wavered. He served as President of the Agency’s Board of Directors for six years and then as Treasurer for 20 years.

Among his many accomplishments on behalf of the Agency:


  • In 1992, he introduced Penny Pickers as a grassroots fundraising event — which through the years has raised nearly $1 million to support our mission.
  • Helped spearhead an Endowment Campaign for the Agency that is now at nearly $600,000
  • Has recruited more than 45 board members to carry forth our mission
  • Has been instrumental in the Agency’s Holiday Santa Program which began by serving four families in 1989 and last year served over 500 families.