Suite Sponsorship: Adopt-a-Room

There’s No Place Like Home.

When you sponsor a room at one of our properties, you are directly helping families in need. The mothers and children in our Suite Sponsor Mother and Child COMPRESSEDTransformational Housing Program receive safe, affordable housing and more importantly, the support they need to overcome the root causes of homelessness. Our emphasis on higher education results in women graduating from our program with degrees and life skills to become independent, contributing members of our community.  To learn more about Suite Sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at 603-886-2866.

What is a “Suite” Sponsorship?

Client suites, apartments and common areas can be “adopted” for a calendar year by local businesses, groups, and families. The sponsorship offsets costs, provides funds toward facility upgrades and ensures that homeless women and children have a safe place to call home. Your dollars directly help families in need and you receive sponsorship benefits.

What Does Your Sponsorship Do?

  • Provides individual case management and professional support
  • Provides classes for moms in budgeting, healthy relationships, parenting and career development
  • Helps with day care, summer camp, after-school and extracurricular activities
  • Helps offset expenses to run the program

Thank You 2019 Suite Sponsors!

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Playroom Sponsor

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