Crisis Advocacy & Resources Education (CARE)

Caring. Investing. Transforming.

Providing supportive services and ensuring basic needs and necessities are met are key in helping families to transform their lives. Being able to provide basic necessities is critical to the core wellbeing and strength of our families as they struggle to overcome the hardships that have resulted from a crisis such as the loss of a job, divorce, serious illness, or any other event that changed the balance of family life.

The following services are offered to families who currently face a hardship or crisis and need an extra hand up to get them back to self-sufficiency:

  • Transportation assistance is given in the areas of bus tickets, automobile gas, auto registrations and auto repairs when it is deemed essential to maintaining employment.
  • Dental assistance is given to those who require preventative and restorative dental care. Our partner, the Greater Nashua Dental Connection, Inc. provides comprehensive dental services at affordable Medicaid rates. To make an appointment for dental services, contact the Greater Nashua Dental Connection at (603) 879-9314
  • Prescriptions
  • Holiday Santa Fund Program

For more information on our CARE Program please contact the office at 603-886-2866.

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