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Last year, more than 2,500 individuals came to us for assistance, seeking to get back on a path to self-sufficiency. Your investment in their lives makes a big difference to each one of them and to the strength of our whole community.

They Moved from a Homeless Shelter into a Home of their Own

Heather is a single mother who was working full-time but barely able to cover her family’s expenses. Without child support or any state assistance, it was a struggle each month for her to pay for food, rent, child care and other basics for her family.

The tipping point came when her daughter was turned away from child care because the bill hadn’t been paid. Without reliable child care, Heather lost her job and from there the family’s downward spiral was quick: they were evicted from their apartment and ended up in a homeless shelter.

“I never imagined bringing my girls to a homeless shelter, but I felt like we had nowhere else to turn,” says Heather. She felt discouraged and had lost hope for her family’s future.

Things began to change for Heather and her girls when she found the Front Door Agency’s Transformational Housing Program. It took nearly two years of hard work and intense case management — but today the family is not only stable, they are flourishing.

Heather earned professional certification in medical coding and billing and was able to get a better paying job. She took classes in financial literacy, worked hard to repair her credit and eventually was able to qualify for a mortgage. Thanks to your generous support, the family recently moved into a Habitat for Humanity home of their own in Nashua.



Your Support is Needed

Sadly, there are many more families like Heather’s in our community who are hard-working and trying to do the right thing, but simply don’t have the resources to stabilize themselves. They may have faced an unexpected job loss, divorce, illness or another event that upset the balance of family life. Your gift today will ensure that we can help them, too — and in the process, build a stronger community for all of us. Thank you for your generous gift to our Annual Fund 2018. Together we are transforming lives!

The need for assistance in the Greater Nashua community is great. Single mothers and others often face lower paying jobs and also have to pay for child care from lower earnings. Rents in the area are high, adding to the burden. We invite you to watch this short video highlighting your important role in making change possible.

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